Tuesday, January 18, 2022

TMI Tuesday

What are your thoughts on public nudity or skimpy clothing?

I wish I felt better about doing it myself. Right now I'm having some body image issues which prevent me from thinking that I look good. Not fishing for compliments; it's just a mental health thing

In principle, I think public nudity is A-OK. That's not because I want to see more people naked either. I think a world in which we were less inhibited would be wonderful. It doesn't even have to be sexy. It could just be comfortable.

That said, in the current world, I tend to dress more conservatively than I could get away with, both because of body issues as mentioned above and because my work environment doesn't play nicely with skimpy clothing. If I'm dressing up, I might dress a little slutty, but mostly I just dress up normally. If you met me in real life you'd probably have no idea how big of a sex-fiend I am.

Which of the following best describes you:
a. Exhibitionist
b. Voyeur
c. Keep nudity and things sexual behind closed doors

I think I'm more voyeur than exhibitionist, even at the best of times. It has less to do with my hangups and more to do with the fact that I ogle. I'm certainly not a prude. I have had my exhibitionist phases, including when I had sex on stage (which I definitely talked about previous on here but am too lazy to track down), but even then, I think I liked watching more than being watched.

What is the most revealing outfit that you have ever worn in public?

I've worn some pretty skimpy swimsuits in my time. I also used to dress more provocatively because I could get away with it and it led to propositions that I enjoyed, even if I didn't act of them (and despite what you might think, I don't always accept propositions). I used to own a skin-tight dress which was not made for someone built as tall as I am, which barely covered my ass and made it impossible to wear anything but a thong under it without advertising to the universe what underwear I was wearing. I bought it thinking it would be less revealing, but then a certain someone convinced me to buy it anyway after I tried it on, because, "You never wear anything adventurous anymore." That someone was Sheri. She's a bad influence.

I wore this dress precisely once, to a party, and had multiple hands put on my ass, decided that I didn't really like being groped by random strangers as much as I thought I might, then wound up in a stranger's bedroom being fucked up against the wall with the dress pushed up to my collar bone. The man I was fucking was not the owner of the bedroom. Simpler times. Anyway, I think I gave it away (the dress, not my virtue) after that because I just didn't feel like I could pull it off (wearing the dress, not the dress itself, which lent itself quite nicely to being pulled off).

There are only two types of beaches left in the world–clothing optional and must be clothes-free. Which beach will you visit?

This is a tougher one than you might think because I enjoy ogling girls in bikinis more than I enjoy ogling most people stark naked. I think, all other things being equal, clothing optional is probably the way I'd go because I could be as naked as I liked and see people in all sorts of different states of undress, which I'd also like.

You have just gotten out of the shower to find that your towel is hanging outside on the clothesline. Your house is full of guests. Do you:
a. Call out for someone to bring your towel.
b. Use something else to dry yourself.
c. Retrieve your towel as inconspicuously as possible wrapping it around you at the earliest chance.
d. Take advantage of the sunshine and dry yourself au naturale in your backyard.

It depends on who my guests are. Most people I'd have as guests, I'd just go find a towel somewhere because chances are good they'd be naked too. Or I might ask them to find me one so I didn't drip all over the house. I don't think I'd sun myself naked in the backyard simply because my backyard is tiny and I don't have a privacy fence and my neighbors wouldn't care for me doing that, even if they secretly enjoyed it.

Have you ever skinny dipped or visited a nude beach?

All the time. Honestly, nude beaches are harder to find around here, but I've been to beaches which were unsupervised in the clothing department, or secluded enough that it didn't matter. I've also been in various states of undress on beaches which weren't supposed to allow that kind of thing. And I've skinny dipped so many times I've lost track. I've told stories about some of this stuff on here, and as for any that I haven't, ask me a probing question and I might answer it.

What is the first thing your significant other notices about someone attractive walking down the street?

I had to ask her, but she said she notices people's hips/asses first. I replied that I found that unlikely, since she's never revealed herself to be an ass man, and she said it was because she didn't look at people's torsos while walking down the street because she doesn't want to meet their eyes. I think that's adorably shy, but then I realized that I sort of do the same thing. But then I enjoy hips and asses. Sveta has not laid claim to liking any particular portion of the anatomy more than others, at least not recently enough that I can recall it. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong if I asked her this previously and have simply forgotten.

In what way is creativity just like sex?

Both of them can get you laid? Sometimes it's better to do either of them solo? Creativity produces some great sex, and I think sex can inspire creativity as well, not just creative sex. But honestly, I'm thinking of the Rusted Root song Food and Creative Love. All I want is food and creative love, really.

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